Rev: Going Above The Sales Funnel

Top 10 MarTech Startups - 2021

The Covid pandemic not only pushed businesses towards digital acceleration but also changed the paradigm with regard to consumer behavior. As businesses all over the world are turning to digital, marketers—big or small—are adopting relevant technologies in the post-pandemic world as a means of survival.

With the escalating market competitiveness, an increasing number of A-listed brands are looking ahead to derive greater ad spends, views, and revenue with the help of the latest marketing innovations and technologies. Automating marketing efforts help businesses stay relevant and competitive in the market by saving time, increasing productivity, and improving their ROI. To be more specific, marketing technology allows organizations to generate better leads, analyze customer behavior, personalize content, measure marketing campaigns, and more to truly understand how sales and marketing impact the organizational bottom line. To this end, the MarTech sector is seeing full of new start-ups that are contributing to the advancement of digital marketing and related industries.

Keeping such a drastic transition in mind and helping companies navigate the MarTech space; we have assessed scores of MarTech start-ups and picked out a list of best-in-class choices. In our selection process, we looked at the vendor’s capability of fulfilling the needs of buyers with forefront solutions and tackling the industry challenges. We present to you MarTech Outlooks’ ‘Top 10 MarTech Startups - 2021.’

    MarTech Startups Companies

  • Bidtelect is a performance-driven DSP that specializes in context-first optimization, cookieless solutions, and native programmatic, as well as video, display, and high impact formats. Founded by professionals with rich experience in the digital advertising ecosystem, the company has developed a next-generation demand-side digital platform called “paid content distribution”. The intelligent distribution platform uses deep machine learning and AI to make instant decisions for each campaign. It can optimize towards several goal types based on advertisers' varying needs, ranging from evaluating basic click-through rates to post-click engagement and purchases

  • Rev


    Rev understands that sales problems begin above the funnel. Their solution is an AI-based sales development platform (SDP). At the core of the SDP is Rev's ability to create customized AI Customer Profiles (aiCPs) for each client. This aiCP is a mathematical model representing the characteristics that a company's ideal customers have in common. Companies start by providing a list of their ideal customers, and the SDP builds an aiCP model of these customers. Clients also have the option of creating multiple aiCP’s to capture various customer segments of their business.

  • TI Health is an intelligent data-driven omnichannel marketing and analytics company focused on real-time healthcare event triggers designed to engage professionals and patients. The company’s primary mission is to positively impact patient outcomes through precision targeting, data-informed modeling, and best-in-class platform ad technology. TI Health’s solutions serve digital advertising across multiple devices and supply types, reaching the clients’ intended recipients when they are organically browsing brand-safe content on the web or in-app.

  • As a leading market research firm, Vennli helps brands make the right decisions to drive growth. They uniquely combine the data around customers’ brand perception and how each competitor is performing. Using this insight, they help clients identify better business growth opportunities while improving on areas they are currently lacking in. The company leverages ongoing customer data, advanced data visualization, and analytics software to design a proven competitive strategy model to drive customer choice.

  • BlueConic


    BlueConic, the leading pure-play customer data platform, liberates companies’ first-party data from disparate systems and makes it accessible wherever and whenever it is required to transform customer relationships and drive business growth. Over 300 companies worldwide, including Hearst Newspapers, Heineken, ING, T-Mobile, and VF Corp, use BlueConic to unify data into persistent, individual-profiles, and then activate it across customer touchpoints and systems in support of a wide range of growth-focused initiatives, including customer lifecycle orchestration, modeling and analytics, digital products and experiences, audience-based monetization, and more.

  • Feathr


    Feathr provides modern digital marketing tools for associations, nonprofits, and event organizers. Unify your marketing efforts with one platform including website analytics, targeted digital advertising, influencer marketing, and more. The company’s digital advertising toolkit helps you reach the right audiences and drive them to your site with powerful ads across the web.



    IMPGO is one of the first integrated marketing platforms to bridge the divide between print and digital marketing, empowering some of the most well known brands on the planet. IMPGO marketing and sales technology is a flexible enterprise SaaS that is engineered and designed to fit your organization. The company provides you with the most powerful technology that creates a competitive advantage for you.

  • PowerPublish


    PowerPublish’s talent marketplace is transforming how modern brands outsource journalism-quality content: unique access to the world’s best business journalists, typically with decades of industry experience, to create and distribute premium content. PowerPublish is solving for ‘ad agency’ fatigue by delivering an agile approach, a virtual marketplace, outsourcing content creation and supporting the paradigm shift away from expensive agency fees and in-house hires.

  • S3 Marketing Solutions

    S3 Marketing Solutions

    S3 Marketing Solutions offers the best solution to build confidence in your business. They develop Digital Marketing strategies that generate powerful results. The objective is to create satisfaction, the most important part of the customer journey. As one of the top digital marketing agencies, they specialize in creating digital and social media marketing strategies and digital marketing optimization solutions that are geared towards obtaining the best results.

  • Swoon


    Strategic Digital Transformation to Fuel Brand Growth. A beautiful mix of tech and marketing rolled up into a kick-ass team. Swoon offer web & app development, devops and digital marketing services. They can augment your existing tech team with any number of remote specialists, including software engineers, DevOps Engineers, Product Owners and Project Management staff.