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Top 10 MarTech Startups - 2018

We all know that ‘change’ is a vital aspect in any revolution and the global marketing dynamics is no different. The rise in new technology and innovation in the marketing tech (MarTech) world have brought forth unprecedented benefits to marketers. Today, stakeholders are leveraging analytics, data, and other cutting-edge tools to meet the disparate needs of each consumer and continually entice them with personalized behavior-based marketing. The use of advanced algorithms and analysis to segment unique personas has acted as impetus in delivering highly-effective tailored, customized marketing campaigns. Owing to the customized marketing approach, the interaction between digitally engaged customers and marketers has improved radically and has improved brand loyalty and customer experience.

The proliferation of AI in marketing has automated several auxiliary tasks such as trend analysis and multi-level data extraction. Moreover, the MarTech future has pretty more to offer. In the coming years, we will see heuristic computing abilities at the helm of marketing campaigns and data interpretation will subsequently move to a machine domain through a network of IoT devices.

Albeit the industry is abuzz with talks of ad tech data and other emerging marketing technologies, CMOs often face difficulty on capitalizing on the same. To assist CMOs maneuver in the right direction while adopting Martech, our distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the Marketing Tech Outlook’s editorial board has selected the most promising MarTech Startups of this year. The startups featured in this edition demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies combined with outstanding customer service.

We present to you Top 10 MarTech Startups - 2018.

    Top MarTech Startups

  • Offers solutions and services that capture anonymous buying activity and execute personalized account-based marketing

  • Delivers a platform to help generate new customers through digital marketing at a healthy ROI

  • The company provides an innovative Individualized Video Marketing Platform along with consulting and project services that help companies evoke a reaction from their segmented and individualized audiences

  • An enterprise-level publishing platform that streamlines content marketing and turns brands into Power Publishers

  • Offers a cloud-based engagement optimization platform to help brands create engaging marketing experiences for their customers by enhancing UX

  • Provides automated marketing solutions to create strong real-life relationships and boost growth for small businesses

  • A powerful SaaS provider of innovative cloud communications SMS, MMS, Voice messaging and integrated Email marketing software to organizations of all sizes to easily capture more leads, connect and engage with their customers on the mobile channel

  • engageSimply


    Fuses the science of real time intent topic targeting and contextual programmatic technology to deliver a platform that lets advertisers deploy acquisition marketing at scale

  • Native Ads

    Native Ads

    A content discovery and in-stream native advertising platform that facilitates the native ad buying and selling process for publishers and advertisers at scale across websites, mobile web and apps

  • Prism Global Marketing Solutions

    Prism Global Marketing Solutions

    Develops solutions to create marketing and sales campaigns for driving awareness, engaging customer, and improving leads