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Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Startups - 2019

Being a marketer today is harder than ever. And more exciting, too!

Implementing new solutions, selling and demonstrating results are integral to successful marketing. Email, marketing automation, SEO, advertising, creative writing, identity resolution, video editing… it’s all in a day’s work.

MarTech is continuously evolving as it is a never-ending cycle of optimization and measurement. Personalization, smart programmatic buying, and omnichannel marketing depend on having the right data at the right time. Using smart analytical capabilities, classifying, collating, and sorting customer related data is opening new avenues to increase sales and customer experience.

Every interaction a consumer has with a product or solution is being utilized for future optimization. Similarly, with the massive amount of data collected from social media, marketers can truly understand what customers need. This aspect helps marketers to harness customer related data in real-time and then quickly modify messaging or branding for maximum effectiveness. By taking into account all of the specific data points across every digital channel over the lifetime of a brand-and-customer relationship, marketing is becoming increasingly personalized. Albeit the industry is abuzz with talks of ad tech data and other emerging marketing technologies, CMOs often face difficulty on capitalizing on the same. To assist CMOs maneuver in the right direction while adopting novel Martech solutions, Marketing Tech Outlook has come up with this edition on most promising MarTech Startups featuring companies such as Hamer Marketing Group, LearningCurv and Open Lock Marketing. The startups featured in this edition demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies combined with outstanding customer service.

We present to you Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Services Startups - 2019

    Top MarTech Startups

  • Hamer Marketing Group (HMG) is the leading provider of marketing support services for busy CMO's, VP of Sales, and Marketing Operation teams. The marketing automation services include email marketing, lead scoring, and staff augmentation, which nurture the leads by integrating sales and marketing teams. Along with automation, HMG renders Account-Based Marketing services to identify the best prospects and build campaigns. With strong team of experts, the company brings in unrivaled expertise to understand the business and implement technology for its clients. HMG supports marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Net-Results, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign

  • LearningCurv trains and equips business professionals on Salesforce platforms including Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, and Analytics Cloud. In order to provide the best Salesforce software training programs, LearningCurv focuses on continuous improvement and excellent user experience. By teaching in-depth classes, equipping clients with the best practices, and providing excellent customer service the company strives to create the most outstanding business software training experience on the web. LearningCurv's certified experts strives to give clients a thorough and involved training experience where they empower the users to master the tool

  • Open Lock Marketing provides companies the key to unlock their brand and marketing potential. Based in Austin, Texas Open Lock Marketing works with small to mid-size companies all over the world. With gathered work experience from companies such as IBM and Atlassian, Open Lock Marketing utilizes corporate knowledge and embraces challenges and converts them into opportunities. Open Lock Marketing not only conducts comprehensive strategy and consulting sessions with each customer, but also offers a buffet of services. These include digital marketing with strong SEO capabilities, creative design services that build new themes, sponsorships and events for both online and offline branding, content creation for various platforms, and partner programs


    ESputnik is a marketing automation system designed to represent the best concepts in enterprise-level approaches for everyone in a straightforward and efficient way. Because of its blend of versatility, scalability, and customer-oriented approach, the users chose eSputnik. The push update network of ESputnik complements digital consumer interaction and extends possibilities. In the weekly eSputnik releases, their platform provides updates based on feedback from customers and the dream of a broad but easy marketing tool. ESputnik recognizes the demands of popular marketers and bursts the Lean Approach campaign effectiveness. In addition, they don't waste time on the daily routine; they take care of monotonous duties by being a creative marketer

  • Causey Creative

    Causey Creative

    The small creative team located in Atlanta, Georgia, Causey Creative is committed to helping small companies achieve their aims. The company offers a new outlook on corporate identity and marketing for growing businesses. Hunter and Kelly Causey, the co-founders, both have a unique set of technical and advertising expertise. This competitive edge helps the company to produce unprecedented outcomes by offering solutions paired with rational business ideas that have both original elements. Causey Creative's goal is to build potential solutions that provide useful services to customers and return by promoting causes that are important to public concerns, exchanging experience in business, and providing real insights

  • Customer Imperative

    Customer Imperative

    Customer Imperative helps businesses to grow revenue faster and improve the customer experience by deploying customer success teams, processes, and technology with a deep focus on B2B SaaS. The company partners exclusively with B2B SaaS software companies. Besides, the company also aids businesses scale revenue by deploying a customer-centric team. It is run by a management consulting team that has experience inside of publicly traded, private equity and venture-backed software companies across areas that include sales, marketing, customer success, client services, support and product management. Customer Imperative was founded in 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina

  • IQ digital

    IQ digital

    IQ digital includes an extensive consulting provider by recognizing the business of the clients and their digital presence opportunities. IQ digital is using the latest technology and statistical insights to incorporate and refine the Digital Strategy of Partners. To achieve the Digital Marketing Strategy targets, they systematically prepare the best combination of media channels. They evaluate and assess results by measuring interaction and knowing what works best to optimize success and retain media investment power. Since partnering with Fortune 500 companies and Premium publishers, IQ Digital's team has been in the digital media for over 20 years, with a thorough understanding of both aspects of the business, supply, and demand

  • Prism Global Marketing Solutions

    Prism Global Marketing Solutions

    Prism Global Marketing Solutions focuses on all aspects of clients’ digital marketing, sales alignment, and integration of customer experience. The company provides digital marketing services and enables clients to develop ideas and solutions for specific marketing and sales campaigns for customer engagement and awareness. The services provided by the company ensure that all projects are customized and tailored to meet individual marketing and sales goals. The company is run by a team that has experience in inbound marketing, inbound sales and marketing alignment, marketing and HubSpot training, and more



    Founded in 2011, SYNDUIT combines creativity with software to offer clients the most affordable, creative, comprehensive, and professional marketing solution for their business needs. The company is run by a team of highly skilled professionals consisting of copywriters, graphic designers, marketing experts who together develop a strategy for clients. SYNDUIT also crowdsources ideas and procedures to ensure that its clients’ business is relevant, cutting-edge, and consistent with communication efforts. Its built-in accountability system educates clients during the entire marketing process—right from the role of the team to ways of engaging other businesses for support

  • UpTurn Agency

    UpTurn Agency

    UpTurn Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency and branding boutique that offers award winning-real time solutions including marketing, sales, branding, website, social media, and SEO to clients’ portfolio. Some other areas where the company specializes in comprises of advertising, PR, business, A/V production, copywriting, business coaching, SaaS, medical, lifestyle, graphic design, animation, direct marketing, telemarketing, event marketing, customer service, and growth. The company is headquartered at Reno, Nevada