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Mary Claire Mandeville, CEO, VennliMary Claire Mandeville, CEO
There’s no question that customer behavior has changed significantly as a result of the pandemic and the upwards trend in digital consumption and usage. The combination of the pandemic and the digital revolution that happened in the last 18 to 24 months has significantly changed both customer perception and customer behavior. Customers today are exposed to huge amounts of content that influence their perceptions, priorities, and buying decisions. To this end, businesses need to redefine their strategies and differentiate themselves by bringing their unique voice to the forefront in a way that is engaging and relevant to customers in order to break through the clutter.

As a leading research and insights firm, Vennli helps brands make the right decisions to drive growth. “We uniquely combine data around customer needs, customers’ perceptions of your brand, product, or service, and customers’ perceptions of your competitors. From that, we tell you why customers choose you, why they choose the competition, and give you the insights to win more customer choice. Using actionable insights, we help our clients identify better growth opportunities while improving upon areas that may be lacking - such as targeted marketing messaging. Vennli merges fresh customer data, advanced data visualization, and analytics with a proven competitive strategy model to help clients drive customer choice,” mentions Mary Claire Mandeville, CEO, Vennli.

Vennli was founded in 2013 by Joe Urbany, a marketing professor at the University of Notre Dame, and Gary Gigot, a software executive with a technology background in marketing and venture. Since day one, the company has been centered on the concept propagated by Professor Urbany’s novel three-circle strategy model that has been featured in several publications, including his book “Grow by Focusing on What Matters.”

We tell you why customers choose you, why they choose the competition, and give you the insights to win more customer choice

This model directs companies to build robust business strategies to fulfill their growth goals by being different from competitors in ways that matter to customers.

At the heart of Vennli’s unique model is the proven methodology that making better business decisions starts with a reliable understanding of customer choice. This, combined with a streamlined market research process, helps clients make informed decisions to drive marketing effectiveness and business growth.

Unlike traditional market research companies that only offer a bulk of data with no real insights, Vennli executes an agile research process and delivers fast, easy-to-understand, and actionable customer insights to help marketers differentiate and win. It does this with its core offering, the Venn diagram tool. It seamlessly conveys customers’ needs, which products and services customers prefer and why, and their unmet demands. The company’s Venn diagram, as well as other core tools, help clients visualize the competitive business landscape through their customers’ lens. With these powerful visualizations, Vennli can support clients in building an innovative brand, product, or marketing strategies to overpower competitors, measure customer loyalty, identify profitable opportunities, communicate brand value, and ultimately ensure better customer attraction and retention.

Vennli is a truly industry-agnostic company that helps clients understand the power of customer choice. The company is able to use existing client data while also collecting data via their customized surveys. They will soon offer dashboards allowing clients to access their customized data and visualizations quickly and easily, enabling better internal and external communication and usage. “We really want to empower clients with an even deeper understanding of customer choice by leveraging primary research and other types of data as well as enable quick, effective decision making with easy access to key insights and visuals. As a result, we are continuing to develop our own technology, as well as partnering with other firms to deliver on this vision,” concludes Mary Claire.
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Mary Claire Mandeville, CEO

As a leading market research firm, Vennli helps brands make the right decisions to drive growth. They uniquely combine the data around customers’ brand perception and how each competitor is performing. Using this insight, they help clients identify better business growth opportunities while improving on areas they are currently lacking in. The company leverages ongoing customer data, advanced data visualization, and analytics software to design a proven competitive strategy model to drive customer choice.