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Lon Otremba, CEO, BidtellectLon Otremba, CEO
Today’s marketing landscape is evolving faster than ever before. With the numerous channels to reach prospective customers, it can be difficult for advertisers to discern which tools or platforms will work effectively, provide transparency, and ensure optimum results. Every advertiser wants to know that they are getting the most bang for their buck, and to do so advertisers have for long depended on cookies and third-party data to help them target specific audiences. With the phasing out of cookies, however, concerns about what could replace the targeting mechanism and how to work around the absence of cookies have risen. Alleviating these market headwinds associated with a brand’s ad campaign is Bidtellect.

As a pioneer in the advertising technology sector, Bidtellect has been developing technologies and capabilities that best fit the advertiser’s needs. Starting out as a native advertising company, Bidtellect has expanded beyond native formats to deliver programmatic video and display advertisements. Founded by professionals with rich experience in the digital advertising ecosystem, the company has developed a nextgeneration demand-side digital platform called “paid content distribution”. With the overarching goal of facilitating successful ad buying, selling, and delivery through the web, the platform provides advertisers access to the most advanced web-based software to effectively manage ads.

Fueled by the tenacity of industry veterans, Bidtellect’s intelligent distribution platform incorporates deep machine learning and AI to make instant decisions for every unique campaign. The platform’s most notable characteristic is its ability to optimize towards several goal types dependent on advertisers’ varying needs, from measuring basic click-through rates to post-click engagement and purchases. The platform taps into the programmatic open marketplace and bids on individual placements throughout the internet by estimating the ideal position for each ad according to the campaign’s unique goals, taking into account location on the page, the context of the information on the page, and more.

Our mission has always been to develop and create smarter advertising opportunities for our clients who use digital advertising as part of their marketing mix

The platform’s ability to analyze and determine placement performance and cost with high precision can offer outcomes with far more visibility than other competitors in the sector today.

Another key factor that Bidtellect takes pride in is the reporting dashboard that enables clients to gather insights from specific campaigns and identify what works best for them. Even after a campaign has been launched, users can continue to monitor, make modifications, and optimize campaigns as they run in real-time. Owing to the system’s ability to learn on the go, it can continuously optimize and improve itself.

Highlighting the competency of Bidtellect’s platform, Otremba cites a success story where the company was approached by an advertising firm representing a major government agency in a campaign to encourage people to quit smoking. Initially, Bidtellect conducted small tests to determine the primary KPI and what defined success for the client. The company identified the performance objectives based on a combination of contextual targeting within the news, science, health, family, parenting, and education realms that would yield the maximum result for them, in contrast to other categories. Owing to the capabilities of Bidtellects’ content distribution platform, the company was also able to include a sophisticated tailored component that targeted specific online behavior and the individual’s zip code, which ultimately boosted the campaign’s visibility. The solution presented was a combination of procedures and categories that were not generally employed together, allowing the company to deliver excellent outcomes while being cost effective.

With many such success stories under its belt, Bidtellect intends to continue on its ongoing profitable growth trajectory. From a technological standpoint, the company has been working toward overcoming the supply path challenges that the industry is already facing. Otremba firmly believes that Bidtellect has a solid market position to be more transparent and optimize a supply path with fewer “hops” for the industry as a whole. This will allow advertisers to monitor all of the sources - and costs - engaged in the supply path from the initial ad buy and the ad ultimately appearing someplace on the open web. “We’re excited about this because we’ve spent the last seven years developing technologies to solve for supply path optimization,” concludes Otremba.
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Lon Otremba, CEO

Bidtelect is a performance-driven DSP that specializes in context-first optimization, cookieless solutions, and native programmatic, as well as video, display, and high impact formats. Founded by professionals with rich experience in the digital advertising ecosystem, the company has developed a next-generation demand-side digital platform called “paid content distribution”. The intelligent distribution platform uses deep machine learning and AI to make instant decisions for each campaign. It can optimize towards several goal types based on advertisers' varying needs, ranging from evaluating basic click-through rates to post-click engagement and purchases