The Right Way to Personalize Content for Your Brand in 2019

By Dustin Hawley, Content Manager, Viral Nation

Dustin Hawley, Content Manager, Viral Nation

Personal brands are more than just buzzwords and watermarked videos on social media platforms. Ambitious, driven, and self-promotional public figures have now emerged into the forefront of pop culture, symbolizing a simultaneous rise in personal branding and entrepreneurship.

It's reasons like these that make establishing your brand one of the most important things you can do as a business owner in 2019. With personal branding at an all-time high, businesses must now compete even harder for not only market share, but also for the ever-diminishing attention span of consumers.

Branding is the foundation of marketing for all businesses, no matter how established or new an organization may be. Whether you are a small business or a big corporation, your brand is what makes your business unique. So how do you get your brand to do this? The implementation of influencer marketing is a surefire way to boost your brand. But personalizing your brand first and foremost is the key to reaping its benefits. Here are some pointers on the right way to personalize content for your brand in 2019.

Really Get To Know Your Target Audience

Before even beginning to think about how you want to position your brand in your industry, it’s crucial to know who your audience is. And not just in the robotic, data-driven fashion. Don't just think about things like demographics and buying power. Go beyond those metrics and learn about the pain points of your customers, understanding what they like, and find out what drives them.

"Though your product may be multi-faceted, however, your brand shouldn’t be"

There are a few different ways to do this. Conducting a survey, or even holding a focus group, is a good place to start. Gathering data and learning more about your target audience you will allow you to learn about your target audience on a more human level and fine-tune your brand accordingly.

Target Pain Points And Needs

Experts suggest that one of the top ways to develop a successful brand and marketing strategy is to target customer pain points rather than just talking about how cool your product or service is. Once you identify a pain point amongst your target audience, proactively addressing it can produce stellar results for both your brand building and your bottom line.

Focus On One Brand Message

Everyone is seemingly on a search for relevancy these days, and being unique within your ecosphere is something brands and entrepreneurs both keep top of mind. Though your product may be multi-faceted, however, your brand shouldn’t be.

Everything from your brand's logo, theme, voice, personality, slogan, and marketing strategy...all of it should accurately convey the main idea behind your brand, and also be synergistic.

Nike is on the Mount Rushmore of branding, and are an ideal example of amazing branding. The company’s products are incredibly diversified and appealing to a wide range of people. But when Nike is brought up in conversation or you see the name, chances are you immediately think of its logo and slogan, “Just Do It.” It's a mantra as ingrained into our brains as it is in the fabric of pop culture. All of the company’s marketing messages are built around this one idea, and as a result, Nike has built itself into the powerhouse it is today.

Showcase Your Brand's Personality

Showcase your brand’s unique personality with your content creation. Remember: You are marketing to real people who have real feelings, emotions, and who enjoy the content that speaks to their wants and needs.

Adjust Your Messaging In Real-Time

Though consistency is key for any brand, consumer behaviors should also have a large influence on your efforts. You’ll want to refine your personalization strategy in real-time in order to maximize its effectiveness. Perhaps your initial messaging came on a bit strong, you may need to tone it down a bit. Or maybe your assumptions about your audience and individual personas was off.  This could be a sign you need to take a more humanized approach.

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